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SKI-3 Isoprene Rubber

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"IR SKI-3 Isoprene Rubber: A Premium Natural Rubber Substitute for Diverse Applications. Specializing in tires, rubber technical articles, and a wide array of goods, including food-grade products, rubber footwear, sporting goods, bonding compounds, and water repellent compositions, IR SKI-3 offers a versatile solution for various industries.

Our IR SKI-3 Isoprene Rubber stands out with a minimum of 1,4-cis bonds content reaching up to 96%. As a result of careful isoprene polymerization in solution, using catalysts based on titanium compounds, we achieve a high-quality synthetic rubber that closely mimics the characteristics of natural rubber. Enhanced with a staining antioxidant, its appearance ranges from light gray to dark brown color, provided in convenient bale form.

Choose IR SKI-3 Isoprene Rubber for a trusted and effective alternative to natural rubber, meeting diverse needs with optimal performance and quality assurance."

IR SKI-3 Isoprene Rubber is the nearest substitute for a natural rubber  

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Dünya çapında ticaret ve pazarlama. Uluslararası ticaretini gerçekleştirdiğimiz petrol, petrokimya ve hammadde ürünlerinin satın alımından başlayıp, müşteriye en güvenilir şekilde teslim edilmesine kadar olan tüm süreçleri profesyonel bakış açısıyla en iyi şekilde çözümlemekteyiz.

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