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Isoparaffin base oil VHVI-4

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VHVI-4 base oil is used as a base for producing industrial, hydraulic, and engine oils, as well as drill fluids, and other agents. It neither freezes nor clouds up at low temperatures.

To transport VHVI-4 base oil, trucks, flexi-containers, and rail tank cars are used. For Base Oils VHVI-4 specifications, feel free to contact us – our sales department will help you choose a product for your specific application.

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Group III 4 cSt or VHVI-4 base oil is used for producing high-quality engine oils. Base Oil VHVI-4 is produced by hydroskimming unconverted oil at high pressure and is characterized by a high viscosity index, good cold flow properties, ultra-low sulfur content, low aromatic hydrocarbon content, and low vaporability.  

VHVI-4 Base oil TDS

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Dünya çapında ticaret ve pazarlama. Uluslararası ticaretini gerçekleştirdiğimiz petrol, petrokimya ve hammadde ürünlerinin satın alımından başlayıp, müşteriye en güvenilir şekilde teslim edilmesine kadar olan tüm süreçleri profesyonel bakış açısıyla en iyi şekilde çözümlemekteyiz.

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